Drunk Driving Laws For The State Of Oklahoma

If you are tempted to drive under the influence of alcohol in the state of Oklahoma, you may think that all you have to deal with is a fine or two if you are caught. This is a risky gamble to make, because the truth is that you will face severe penalties for drunk driving arrests in Oklahoma, even if you are facing your first one.

Drunk driving offenses, or Oklahoma DUI arrests, are those cases when a driver is convicted of driving with a BAC of .08 percent or higher. This is a misdemeanor, which means you will end up with a criminal record. You will pay up to $1,000 in fines. You will also spend at least 10 days in jail, with the total jail time allowed being one year. In addition, you will lose your right to drive. You will have your license revoked for 180 days. As you can see, these penalties should not be taken lightly.

Remember, in the state of Oklahoma, you do not have to be physically driving the vehicle to be convicted of DUI. If you are sitting behind the wheel of a parked vehicle while drunk, you can still be considered guilty. If you are facing these charges, consider hiring a lawyer to help you face the court. You may be able to take some lesser penalties if you have professional help.

What Everyone Should Know About Minnesota Dui Laws

Minnesota used to have some of the more lenient DWI laws, but in 2005 the legal limit for blood alcohol content (BAC) was dropped from .10 to .08. This means it is easier to be convicted of a DWI offense in Minnesota, so drivers need to use even more caution and avoid driving after drinking.

If you are arrested for driving drunk in Minnesota for the first time, you will be asked to submit to a chemical test. In this state you have the right to talk to a lawyer before submitting to the test to determine if it is the best course of action. If you are convicted, you will pay up to $3,000 in fines. You could also end up in jail for up to 90 days. DWI offenders are required to attend alcohol education classes, and they will lose their licenses temporarily. A qualified Minnesota DWI attorney will be able to help you fight for the least strict consequences after your DWI arrest.

In Minnesota, DWI law allows prosecutors to ask for stricter penalties if there are three or more aggravating factors in a particular case. Aggravating factors include extremely high BAC, injuries caused, and children present in the vehicle. It these are present, the fines increase to up to $10,000 and jail time increases to up to five years.

A Nuclear Power Plant May Be Next For New Mexico

Federal lawmakers patted themselves on the back, last Friday, in a joint bi-partisan news release issued by three New Mexico politicians: U.S. Senators Pete Domenici and Jeff Bingaman, and U.S. Congressman Steve Pearce. Their celebratory remarks were meant to remind voters why the politicians were in Washington – to bring their state new jobs for at least some of New Mexico’s voters. While the chorus of praise revolved around creating new jobs and bringing millions of dollars into the state’s economy, is there more behind this story, which has not yet been told?

For Senator Domenici, this was another major victory as the longest serving U.S. Senator in New Mexico’s history. The Republican Senator heads the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Domenici made his views on nuclear energy quite clear in his book “A Brighter Tomorrow: Fulfilling the Promise of Nuclear Energy” (Rowman & Littlefield, 2004). He began pursuing Louisiana Energy Services to move to New Mexico in February 2003, after it became apparent Hartsville, Tennessee didn’t want uranium being enriched in their backyard.

And again, it was Domenici, whose last minute negotiations with Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman, led to the adoption of the Part 810 Waiver. The waiver allowed Louisiana Energy Services (LES) to contact foreign-owned Urenco Ltd about transferring high technology data (the gas centrifuge technology) to LES so the uranium enrichment technology could be utilized at the new facility. U.S. laws ordinarily prohibit such nuclear technology transfers, but Domenici’s intervention brought the project to the NRC approval stage. LES had been on the drawing boards since 1989, having derived its name from the state of Louisiana. The LES partnership was initially formed with the intent of building its centrifuge enrichment plant in Homer, Louisiana.

Senator Domenici’s impact upon the nuclear resurgence in the United States is evident to the entire industry and most politicians. He announced last year, “In 1997, I predicted the resurgence of nuclear energy in the United States. For the last eight years, I have worked to help make that renaissance a reality.” Is there, perhaps, one more achievement Senator Domenici would like to add on behalf of the nuclear industry, before giving up his Senate seat? In his book, “A Brighter Tomorrow,” Domenici bemoans and condemns nuclear fuel reprocessing. With the advent of the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP), Domenici may bring a nuclear power plant to New Mexico before he retires.

Domenici’s Democratic counterpart, Senator Jeff Bingaman, is the ranking Democrat on the Senate Energy and Natural Resource Committee. We suspect Bingaman may play an integral role in helping Senator Domenici fulfill that dream. Ironically, Senator Bingaman, who last November was invited to a Santa Fe anti-nuclear environmentalist fundraiser, and which highlighted television mogul Ted Turner, was effusive in saying about the LES enrichment facility, “This will be one of the largest construction projects our state has ever seen. And the economic impact in southeastern New Mexico will be tremendous.” Does Bingaman appear to be playing both sides of the nuclear chessboard?

No, the former attorney, who reportedly once provided legal advice to uranium mining powerhouse, Kerr McGee, is deftly maneuvering between being a good Democrat and providing what he may honestly believe is best for his state. While Bingaman has curried favor among the environmentalists, in May of this year, he accepted, along with Domenici and others, the William S. Lee Award for Leadership at the Nuclear Energy Institute’s (NEI) annual conference, saying, “I share a belief that nuclear power can make a meaningful contribution to controlling the growth of greenhouse gases, while still allowing our economy to expand.” It was his subsequent remark directed at the NEI, which leads us to believe he may be among the first to support additional nuclear growth in New Mexico. He told the NEI, “I am hoping that you will do your part to use those tools that Congress has put in place to ensure that nuclear power achieves its potential as part of our future energy mix.”

The Global Nuclear Energy Partnership

In March 2006, Senator Domenici pledged his support to President Bush’s Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP),

“With GNEP, we begin to close the cycle on nuclear waste in ways that prevent proliferation and reduce both the volume and toxicity of waste. By recycling spent nuclear fuel, we can reuse the uranium, which is 96 percent of spent fuel, and separate the most toxic radioactive material to be burned in an advanced burner reactor. By reusing uranium fuel and burning the transuranic material in a new generation of modern reactors, we can reduce the amount of waste placed in Yucca Mountain by a factor of 100.”

One of the key technologies in the GNEP program in is the Advanced Burner Reactor (ABR). Deriving its technology from fast reactors, which were used to make nuclear weapons, the concept of the ABR is to minimize the amount of nuclear waste, produced by the nuclear industry’s power plants, to a tiny fraction of content. The concept behind the ABR is to “burn” the transuranic elements, such as plutonium and other long-living radioactive material. In this case, burning the radioactive waste is translated as: destroying the transuranics, by converting them into shorter-lived isotopes. When the transuranic elements are consumed by the ABR, a large amount of energy is released and then converted into electricity.

Instead of burying several football fields of nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain (or elsewhere) for one million years, the toxic waste would be recycled as energy to be immediately used to power homes and industry. Part of the GNEP plan is to combine the current, or advanced, light water reactors with the ABR. As the light water nuclear reactors produce transuranics, the ABRs consume those highly radioactive elements. This leaves less nuclear waste for future disposal, and immediately provides energy.

The major issue in the western United States, about nuclear waste, is “please don’t put it in our backyard.” Several western states have been approached, and even the Carlsbad area was once discussed. Through the ABR technology, it may be possible to minimize the amount of this waste to make it a less undesirable disposal problem. A look at local New Mexico politics may provide an insight as to where the two U.S. senators may be heading with regards to a nuclear power plant for New Mexico.

New Mexico’s Enrichment Facility:
Prelude to a Nuclear Power Plant?

If Federal lawmakers are happy about the proposed uranium enrichment facility, some of New Mexico’s state politicians were still floating on clouds when we talked to them yesterday. New Mexico legislator John A. Heaton, the Democratic representative serving Carlsbad, waxed enthusiastic about the enrichment facility, “It’s the first step in converting this country to nuclear energy.”

Mainly the four state senators and representatives, whom we interviewed, echoed each other’s praise about Urenco’s proposed enrichment facility. “I could not be more pleased,” Senator Carroll H. Leavell told us. “It will have a major, very positive impact on the economy.” At the peak of construction, as many as 1200 workers may be employed. Later, when the facility is operational, about 300 workers will remain. All four were pleasantly surprised that town hall hearings for the proposed facility were overwhelmingly positive, and the local citizens would be delighted to have this facility in built in southeastern New Mexico. Senator Leavell said with disgust, “Most of the (anti-nuclear) protests have come from outside our area, places like San Francisco, DC and Santa Fe.”

Senators Leavell and Gay G. Kernan, the state senator from Hobbs, were invited by Urenco Ltd. to tour an enrichment technology plant in Almelo, Netherlands and left impressed with the company, its honesty and especially the management’s attitude of looking at both sides of the issues. Both state senators also observed the surrounding community failed to be negatively impacted by the enrichment facility.

Looking for deeper insights into what the future might hold, we asked all four about the possibility of a nuclear power plant in New Mexico. All four agreed it would be desirable. Additional comments by the four state politicians led us to believe there might be a second step, following Heaton’s remark about the enrichment facility being the first step.

Donald L. Whitaker, the Democratic legislator from Eunice, the closest town to the proposed enrichment facility, told us, “I would like to see a nuclear reactor in New Mexico.” Whitaker has toured a nuclear facility, and believes one would be great for the state’s economy. “They employ about one thousand and bring high-paying jobs,” he said. Representative Whitaker was not the lone voice among his fellow eastern New Mexican legislators.

“Yes, we want a nuclear reactor in New Mexico,” Representative Heaton said. Heaton is the legislature’s Vice Chairman of the Radioactive and Hazardous Materials committee and a member of the Energy & Natural Resources Committee. He discussed the ABR technology and GNEP, explaining how this would solve the waste disposal problem of nuclear reactors and sway public opinion on nuclear energy.

Senator Leavell took a more cautious approach, explaining how nuclear reactors need tremendous amounts of water. “I don’t think New Mexico could have a nuclear reactor, not with the current technology.” But, he still agreed it would be a good idea if new technologies were developed, which used less water.

Senator Gay Kernan told us, “I don’t know if I should be talking about this, but we are one of the candidates for the GNEP program.” Having heard a rumor that General Atomics may propose building a nuclear power plant in eastern New Mexico, Senator Kernan confirmed such a plant may be on the drawing boards, and telling us West Texas is likely to be developed as an “alternative energy corridor.” She told us, “It would stretch from Carlsbad, New Mexico to the Odessa-Midland, Texas area.” Senator Kernan would also like New Mexico to have a nuclear plant, “I don’t have a problem with that.”

The third politician, joining Senators Domenici and Bingaman, in praising the NRC approval of a draft license for LES and Urenco Ltd, was U.S. Congressman Steve Pearce. Comments, issued by his press secretary on Friday and praising the LES announcement, may foreshadow New Mexico’s next step, “Today’s announcement marks a major milestone in our efforts to cement our state’s leadership role in the development of alternative energy.” What greater leadership by a state than in introducing the new GNEP ABR technology in New Mexico? After all, the state of New Mexico remains the founding home to nuclear technology, where the world’s first atomic technology was designed at Los Alamos.

In a related development, David Watts, President of the University of Texas of the Permian Basin, recently met with Congressman Pearce about developing a helium-cooled nuclear reactor facility, which would be built underground in either Lea County, New Mexico or Andrews County, Texas. General Atomics of San Diego has funded the pre-conceptual design, which is underway and scheduled for completion in August. Waste Control Specialists has a low-level radioactive waste storage site in Andrews County. Realistically, a nuclear reactor in New Mexico is not out of the question. The legislators may get what they want. We believe Senator Domenici will ultimately set into motion the plans to bring New Mexico its first nuclear power plant. It would become his crowning achievement in helping the nuclear renaissance blossom in this country and in his state.

New Mexico DUI Attorney

New Mexico DWI/DWI laws make it illegal for any driver to operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This makes DWI a criminal offense that can result in penalties such as jail time, educational programs, fines, and the installation of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. These penalties have the potential to negatively impact your quality of life and make it difficult for you to maintain employment and meet other life obligations. Because of the seriousness of a DWI offense and the severity of the offense, having a New Mexico DUI attorney on your side is the only way you will be able to get through your case successfully. Since DUI law is a specialized area of the law, having a skilled DUI lawyer with the training and experience needed to defend DUI charges can help you to beat the charges or minimize the penalties imposed against you if you are convicted.

New Mexico DUI Arrests

You may be arrested for DUI in several cases. One is if you exhibit suspicious driving patterns and you are pulled over by a law enforcement officer. Another is if you cause an accident and the responding officer suspects that alcohol was involved. No matter the reason you were arrested, you will be facing serious penalties. Nevada is one of the states where a DWI arrest will result in two separate cases against you. One is a criminal case where you will face criminal DWI charges and a prosecutor will try to prove that you were guilty of driving under the influence. The second is an administrative case within the New Mexico Motor Vehicles Division. When you are arrested for a DWI offense, you will be prosecuted under one of two theories. The first is a traditional or common law theory of driving under the influence. In this type of case, the prosecutor will try to show that you were impaired as a result of consuming alcohol prior to driving. The prosecutor will try to show your level of impairment by introducing evidence such as your driving patterns, any accidents you caused, field sobriety test results, and information about your appearance at the time of your arrest. You can also be charged with DWI if you submit to a chemical test that yields a result of a 0.08% or greater blood alcohol concentration. In this type of case, the prosecutor does not introduce any information about impairment. The prosecutor simply must prove that you were operating a vehicle while you had an unlawful blood alcohol concentration level. Hiring a skilled New Mexico DUI attorney can help you in both types of cases. An experienced New Mexico DUI lawyer will know how to handle the evidence in each type of case. If you are arrested for a DUI in New Mexico, you will have the right to a jury trial, so having a New Mexico DUI attorney on your side can help you immensely.

DUI Criminal Penalties in New Mexico

The penalties for a DWI conviction in New Mexico increase with each offense you have been convicted of and can be very harsh depending on the circumstances. For a first DWI offense, you can face penalties of up to 90 days in jail, a $500 fine, and $200 in court costs. Other penalties can include participating in a DWI school program, attendance at a victim impact panel, and probation. If your first offense is considered an aggravated DWI offense, you will be sentenced to a mandatory minimum of 48 hours in jail. Driving with a BAC of twice the legal limit, causing bodily injury or death during a DUI offense, and chemical test refusal are all grounds for classifying an offense as an aggravated offense. A second DWI offense can result in a jail term of 3 to 364 days, $250 in fees, fines of $500 to $1,000, probation, community service, and a license revocation period of one year. If your second offense is an aggravated offense, 7 days in jail are mandatory. If you accumulate a third DWI offense, you will face a mandatory 30 day jail sentence and a fine of $750 to $1,000. If it was the third offense within a ten year period, your license will be revoked for a period of one to ten years. If your third offense is considered an aggravated offense, you will be incarcerated for a mandatory minimum of 90 days. A fourth or subsequent DWI offense within a ten year period is considered to be a felony. The penalties include 18 months in prison and the other penalties imposed for a third offense. If you are convicted, you may lose your right to vote or bear arms.

New Mexico Administrative License Penalties

There are also driver’s license penalties associated with a DWI offense in New Mexico. If you have refused to submit to chemical testing, your license will be suspended for one year and you will not have the opportunity to get a work permit or other restricted license. If you do take a chemical test and fail, the penalties through the Motor Vehicles Department will increase with each offense. The penalty for a first offense is a 90 day suspension of your driver’s license. If you have previously had your license revoked for a DWI offense, the penalties for subsequent offenses are increased. For a second or subsequent offense, the suspension period is one year. You will not have the opportunity to apply for a work permit or a restricted license. Because not having driving privileges can make it difficult to meet your family obligations or maintain employment, it is important for you to have a New Mexico DUI lawyer to help you save your license and avoid having your reputation tarnished.

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The Lord Of New Mexico

In his book, The Lord of the Flies, William Golding tried to show how civility created by man will inevitably fail and how man will always turn to savagery during diversity. In his novel, Golding shows us how a group of school children trapped on a deserted island attempt to govern themselves and fail miserably. It hinges on the subjective studies of human nature and demonstrates how individual needs will triumph over the welfare of the group as a whole.

In its infinite wisdom, CBS Broadcasting has reincarnated “The Lord Of The Flies” in the form or their new reality show “Kid Nation,” scheduled to air in September. Instead of a deserted island, the reenactment takes place in an abandoned ghost town in the desert of New Mexico. Why New Mexico? It seems that New Mexico may have the most liberal child labor laws in the U.S.

In the original screen play there were seven main characters who attempted to govern themselves. In the CBS version there are forty-children ranging in ages from eight to fifteen. They are set loose for forty days. Except for the producers, camera crews and emergency personnel, they will have no contact with the outside world. Just as in The Lord of The Flies there was a war raging in the distance (WWII) so too in Kid Nation Iraq looms in the distance.

The parents of the minors were asked to sign a twenty- two page agreement that surrendered their right to sue the network if their child was injured, contacted a sexually transmitted disease or even died during the taping. The agreement also gave CBS the right to administer medical treatment to an injured child even if it included surgery. It did not make any promise about the qualifications of the medical staff. The kids also missed up to forty-days of school. There were no tutors on staff, which is standard operating procedure on Hollywood sets for children of school age. They were required to make up all school work they missed. Each participant was paid $5000 for their appearance. However, the agreement had a confidentiality clause that warned if any child or parent violated it, they would be liable for a five-million-dollar penalty to the network.

My question to you is, Would you let your child appear on this show under these conditions? Yet, CBS has already started a search for the next forty-kids. My suggestion to the parents of the child who may want to appear in the next episode is to follow Nancy Regan’s advice, “Just Say No.”

So here is CBS in a New Mexican desert, working minors fourteen-hours a day seven-days-a-week for forty-days at $9 an hour. You can make more than that flipping hamburgers.

Suddenly, there is a firestorm surrounding CBS’ production of “Kid Nation” which recently began to boil over when the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office confirmed it was launching an investigation into whether CBS violated state labor laws during production. A child advocate group has also called for individual states, where the children reside to investigate whether truancy laws were violated.

In CBS’ first reality show, “Survivor”, you had adults who had already learned the social skills needed to act with decency trying to outwit one another. Look what a disaster that turned out to be. (My Opinion) What can we expect from a group of minors, some of whom aren’t old enough to boil water on their own.

Paul Petersen, best known for playing Jeff Stone on The Donna Reed Show, has joined the growing chorus of outrage over CBS’ forthcoming reality series Kid Nation. A longtime children’s rights activist, Petersen says CBS violated child labor laws.

“Children working for 40 straight days, parents deliberately kept away, in the middle of the school year,” Petersen said, “The size of this travesty is almost breathtaking.”

Having endured his own travails as a child actor, Petersen, now 61, founded A Minor Consideration in 1990 to offer support to troubled child performers and lobby for protections against exploitation.

Beyond the legal issues, he also worries about potential damage from the media exposure: “Does anybody seriously think that, on Sept. 20, the day after Kid Nation premiers, these 40 children are going to have a good and pleasant time at school?”

Given that CBS essentially asked for the controversy, is Petersen playing into the network’s marketing scheme?

“Maybe I am,” he says. “Except that there are 40 real, live children involved. And if this ever comes to court- and it very well might-CBS is a drop-dead loser.”

Kid Nation Executive Producer, Tom Forman, calls the criticism “inaccurate and wildly premature” and denies there were labor violations. “The kids don’t have SAG cards,” he says. “They took part in an experience. We followed them some of the time with cameras.”

That sounds like a poor excuse to me. Summer camp is an experience, not a reality show that will make CBS millions in sponsorships. In addition, when my children went to summer camp, my wife and I were not required to sign a 22-page agreement surrendering our parental rights.

The question that must be asked is, Is this really entertainment or is it child abuse?

In The Lord Of The Flies, the group was confronted with looking for a beast, which one of the youngsters said he had encountered on the island. Look no further my friends, in The Lord Of New Mexico the beast may be CBS.

And, that is my opinion, What’s yours?

Michael Solomon is a former NYPD Detective. He is the recipient of 19 awards for Excellent and Meritorious police work. During his tenure in the intelligence division, he was assigned to protect the Shah of Iran, and Madame Chang of Taiwan. He has personally met four U.S. Presidents. He was assigned as the intelligence officer to the U.S. State Department during treaty negations between the United States and Turkey. He holds a Bachelors Degree Magna Cum Laude in Behavioral Sciences, from the New York Institute of Technology and a Masters with Distinction in Public Administration from Long Island University.

In 2003, he was cited by both houses of the NY State Legislature in a Resolutions as Humanitarian of the Year for his charitable contributions to his community. – He has published two books. “Success By Default”, – The Depersonalization Of Corporate America. His second book “Where Did My America Go?” explores the hypocrisy in American politics. – He has been the subject of numerous magazine and news articles. In 2006, he was named as Time Magazines “Person of The Year.”

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/702919

Woolworths TASTE has a brand-new look!

After more than a decade of keeping Woolworths food customers well fed, SA’s favourite food title ups its game this month. The November issue features a cover and design overhaul and serves as the launchpad for the brand’s new multi-platform strategy. This issue also features TASTE’s first “augmented reality” cover, whereby readers can download an application (Aurasma), hold their smartphone over the image and see a stop-motion video play on their phones: a taste of things to come.
Woolworths TASTE has a brand-new look!
Download and watch the Instagram video revealing TASTE’s new look [3MB]
The award-winning Woolworths TASTE was launched in 2003 by multi-award-winning content marketing agency New Media Publishing, which recently appointed a new editor, Kate Wilson, to direct the new strategy. “TASTE played a big part in inspiring my love of food”, she says, “The aim of the editorial refocus is to help even more shoppers make the most of the incredible offering in store while maintaining the brand’s reputation for visual excellence.” Wilson has been in publishing for 20 years, and has four consumer editorships under her belt – SL, House & Leisure, Marie Claire and most recently Women’s Health.

“As a retail brand, engaging with our customers in relevant but also innovative ways is a constant challenge”, says Glenda Philp, Head of Brand Communications for Foods for Woolworths. “The new TASTE strategy is built around the need to ensure our customers are instantly informed and on trend.”

TASTE’s content is published across all digital and social media platforms and with the recent redesign of taste.co.za, the brand has also relaunched its presence on Facebook: facebook.com/wwtaste. “Food content has very high engagement levels on social media”, says TASTE’s digital editor Amy Ebedes, “and because TASTE’s content is already established as credible, we are ideally positioned to reach this audience.”

Woolworths TASTE has a brand-new look!
Tied to the new-look print package will be original TASTE content curated exclusively for its digital channels: “The new content in the magazine sets the tone for TASTE’s future”, says Philp, “But we are particularly excited about what is planned in terms of social media and digital integration – especially on mobile, a platform that allows us to inspire and assist customers wherever they are, every day.” Following global content trends, Wilson also confirmed that video will be a key part of the new strategy.

New Media Publishing and Yuppiechef team up for an SA first

New Media Publishing is thrilled to announce the arrival of TABLE, a brand-new quarterly food magazine created in partnership with award-winning online retailer Yuppiechef.
New Media Publishing and Yuppiechef team up for an SA first
Launching a print magazine, the first in the South African online retail market, is a move that follows in the footsteps of international retailers such as Net-a-Porter and ASOS, as Yuppiechef goes even further to provide customers with a 360-degree offering.

Yuppiechef’s mission is to bring people together through cooking and sharing good food. So what better name for such a magazine than TABLE, the very meeting place where people connect over food. And with all the tools, tips, tricks and ingredients needed to prepare delicious meals readily available on the Yuppiechef.com website, the addition of an inspirational magazine that can be collected and consulted is a perfect fit for the brand.

“We’re very excited about the launch of TABLE,” says Yuppiechef managing director Evan Torrance. “Although there are other food and home magazines on the market, there are few that offer the scope and reach that TABLE will to the entire Yuppiechef customer base each quarter. The magazine captures the best of our offering from a product perspective, and pairs it with the best of our new content, trend watching and news from the industry, which we think our customers will find really useful and interesting. The partnership with New Media Publishing has been seamless, and we’re very proud of our launch issue and excited about future issues to come.”

Featuring top-notch ingredients and culinary tools – all of which are for sale on the Yuppiechef.com website – as well as a host of attainable recipes, TABLE will pair compelling food content with beautiful images and world-class design, hallmarks of New Media Publishing’s award-winning Consumer Division magazine titles such as VISI and Eat Out.

“It’s a huge coup for New Media to add TABLE to our stable,” says Aileen Lamb, general manager of the Consumer Division at New Media Publishing. “This partnership offers us the opportunity to team up with one of South Africa’s most loved online retailers in the creation of a truly innovative new product. In terms of both business thinking and culture, Yuppiechef is a perfect fit with New Media, and we are excited to work together to launch a print brand extension on the back of such a successful digital brand. It’s a move that will undoubtedly drive both repeat business and brand loyalty for Yuppiechef customers.”

TABLE magazine – which is worth R29.95 per issue – will be shipped to Yuppiechef customers along with their purchases on a one-per-quarter basis.

For more information, contact Cat Anderson on 021 417 5178 or [email protected]

New Media Publishing and Yuppiechef team up for an SA first
About New Media

New Media is the leading content marketing agency in South Africa. Established in 1998 and part-owned by Media24, New Media connects people to brands through crafted content on a variety of media platforms. Based in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, the company’s portfolio covers the retail, food, financial services, motoring, décor and entertainment industries. New Media adds value to brands and audiences by creating content that engages, entertains, increases sales, improves customer affinity and retention, positions brands and aligns informed staff.

New Media paints New York gold

Two separate international events in New York – the prestigious Pearl Awards and the Eddies & Ozzies – have honoured work from Cape Town-based content marketers, New Media Publishing, with multiple gold awards.
New Media paints New York gold
VISI, the agency’s own design and décor title, won a gold Eddie for best consumer website in the home category, and a gold Ozzie for best overall design of the print magazine.

Two more gold Eddies were awarded for Best Full Issue in the custom category – to Woolworths Taste magazine (six issues or more) and to Plascon Spaces magazine (six issues or less).

New Media also won a Gold Pearl Award for FNB’s Siyasiza magazine, and a Bronze Pearl for most Innovative Content Solution for Woolworths Taste online.

These honours come on top of Taste’s food editor, Abigail Donnelly, being judged Galliova Best Food Writer of the Year, for the sixth time.

The Eddies & Ozzies Awards, hosted by Folio, celebrate editorial and digital excellence in magazine publishing. A panel of 300 judges had to choose from 2,800 entries.

The Pearls honour the very best in content marketing across print and digital channels, and are judged by the Content Council, the leading professional organisation for content marketing in North America. Winners were chosen from nearly 500 entries from around the world.

‘We’re thrilled by these wins for ourselves and our clients,’ said Bridget McCarney, MD of New Media Publishing. ‘Both the Pearls and the Eddies & Ozzies are hugely prestigious, and it’s extremely gratifying to be judged the best at an international level.’

New Media has won 13 Pearl Awards for design, print magazines, web publications and integrated web and print solutions since 2010, as well as eight Eddies & Ozzies for editorial and design online and in print.

New Mexico Personal Injury Lawyers For The Accident Victims Of New Mexico

A Personal Injury can occur any time an individual suffers physical or psychological harm because of someone else’s negligence, recklessness or malpractice. The most common type of personal injuries are a result of car accidents, slips and falls, assaults, work injuries and defective products. In addition, medical or dental malpractice claims also can be considered personal injury cases.
Whether injured at work, in a vehicle accident or another location, a New Mexico personal injury lawyers can make sure the injured party is receiving all of the benefits to which they are entitles and that they receive the best possible care to help them through their recovery process. With most personal injuries, the final cost may not be readily available until years after the injury occurred and making sure the victim has enough resources to pay for any services they need immediately as well as services they may need in the future is the goal of the New Mexico personal injury lawyers.
Too many times the injured party may be unable to work and find themselves in dire financial straits and more willing to accept a settlement offer well below that to which they should be compensated. In many of these instances, a New Mexico personal injury attorneys may be able to collect partial payments to help settle immediate needs while insuring the injured party is compensated further for any additional costs they might incur. It is in this type of negotiation that an injured person can realize the benefit of having legal representation and with many attorney’s offices will to work on a contingency basis, they can afford the help they need at the time they need it the most.
Facts on Insurance Companies and Personal Injury Lawsuits:
Many people suffering from person injury naively believe that the responsible party’s insurance company is going to do the right thing in accepting responsibility for whatever caused the injury to occur. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and without appropriate guidance to help them through the claims process they often find themselves unable to afford all the necessary services or treatments they will require throughout the healing process.
While insurance companies are bound by their contract with the insured party to cover certain expenses related to any injuries caused by their policyholders, they are not responsible to the injured party, only in protecting their client against severe financial loss. They are also responsible to company partners and shareholder and routinely seek to make the best possible settlement that may satisfy the needs of the injured, but also protect their investors from financial loss.
Finding a New Mexico personal injury lawyer that is not only understanding of the needs of the injured party, but is also experienced in working with insurance companies and the legal system to insure the best possible solution is reached to benefit their client. While most insurance companies may have the interests of the injured party in mind, their prime concern is the financial well-being of their company and their shareholders. They also have legions of legal help available that are prone to better protect the company’s assets as opposed to the injured person’s interests.
Even when an injured person believes they may not be able to afford adequate representation, or question even if someone or something else may be responsible for their injury, in most cases a New Mexico personal injury lawyer will listen to their story and then offer advice on which direction they can take to help them through the recovery period.
Information on Structured Settlements in New Mexico, CA Personal Injury Cases
Many times, the use of a structured settlement is desired by an injury victim to help protect their finances after a personal injury settlement.
A structured settlement type of payment can provide injury victims with tax benefits and enable proper financial planning for future needs of the injury victim as a result of the injury
When you are injured in an auto accident or due to the negligence of another party, you may not always know what remedies are available to you. The process of obtaining justice for your injuries is oftentimes a complex situation that only an experienced law firm can assist you with. That’s where the New Mexico Injury Law Center comes in.

Why should you have to bear the burden of an injury or death to a loved one when the injury or death was caused by someone else?
Our skilled team of attorneys, investigators, and experts can assume control of your case and make sure you are compensated for what has been done to you.
The New Mexico Injury Law Center is a dedicated personal injury law firm that represents people who have been injured by the negligence of others in cases involving, but not limited to, wrongful death , automobile and trucking accidents, motorcycle, pedestrian and construction accidents as well as slip and falls accidents.

We also represent clients with moderate to severe soft-tissue injuries as well as catastrophic and serious injuries like fractures, head trauma, traumatic brain injuries, burns, spinal injuries, disfiguration and loss of limb, paralysis and death

5 Ways On How To Choose A Family Law Attorneys

If you are considering for getting a divorce, then you should find a family law attorney that will help you get through this stressful process. Though you can select an attorney by simply flipping through a phone book, and you might get healthier outcome if you take in your time to cautiously pick the lawyer that will help you get the best result. By following these given ways, you can hire a lawyer that will fight for your interests so that you can go through your divorce easily.

Outline Your Needs

Before you begin your search for family law attorneys New Mexico, you need to discover what you hope to achieve. Your target may be to get as much of your property back as possible following the divorce, or you may wish to have a lawyer that will keep your financial interests in mind. Once you discover what you would like out of the divorce, you can find an attorney who excels in such cases. If you are considering for getting a divorce, then you should find a family law attorney that will help you get through this stressful process. Though you can select an attorney by simply flipping through a phone book, and you might get healthier outcome if you take in your time to cautiously pick the lawyer that will help you get the best result.

Do Your Research

If you have family members or friends who have gone through a divorce, inquire them about the lawyers they chose and the procedure that they went through. You can even inquire about recommending a certain attorney .Once you have narrowed down your search to a few possible attorneys, go online and research their history and results. You also need to ensure that they are trustworthy with the state bar association.


You will be able to deal with an attorney and his office by a simply making a phone call. The receptionist should be confident and responsive, and other staff members should treat you with respect. If you feel comfortable during the phone call, then you can fix your appointment for a consultation. If you feel like something is not right, then thank the secretary for her time and blacklist that office off from your list.

Ask Questions

It is really important that you ask your attorney any questions that you may have during the procedure. Initially, you should ensure that you completely know the retainer agreement. You should also ask to see the firm’s promotional resources so that you can make sure that your experience and research line up with their claims.

Follow Your Instinct

When you are selecting a family law attorney, you should follow your instinct. If you do not feel contented with a certain lawyer, then you should find someone else to stand for you.

Divorce is not easy, but the right family law attorneys can make the process as trouble-free as possible. When you take the time to find the right lawyer for your needs, you will be more probable to find satisfaction once the proceedings are over.